In 2007, the Safadi Cultural center opened its doors to the people and has been welcoming guests from various backgrounds ever since. The center is located in the center of Tripoli facing a landscape view of the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea and across the International Rachid Karame Fair. The center stretches over 8400 meters of modernity and innovation.  Safadi Cultural Center holds various cultural, educational and sporting activities, all of which have contributed to the cultural atmosphere in Tripoli and beyond.

The center's objectives:

  1. To promote awareness of different cultures and mutual respect among citizens
  2. To expose the Lebanese to other cultures through methods of cultural exchange 
  3. To initiate a cultural intellectual and social dialogue in North Lebanon
  4. To familiarize people with the cultural richness of North Lebanon
  5. To Encourage society’s development by exposing new cultures and new methods.